The whole map may be dragged with the mouse.
The size may be changed with the +/- symbols in the lower right edge of the map to see all availabe information.

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This marker shows on the map where somebody is offering spiritual healing-guidance and healing-sessions based on the Raphaelite-Work. raphael pin farbe She or he is a certified Raphaelite pactitioner or trainer. By that means you may investigate your surrounding where to find somebody to give you a healing session or may answer your questions about this work.

leer pin pin  This Marker is shown if there are several different people offerimg the Raphaelite-Work at the same place.  This does not necessaringly mean that several raphaelite pactitioners live in the same house, but as well that only the town but no street address was provided by these persons.

multimarker 2A marker like this is presented if the map is shown at a scale that several markers are difficult to see seperately (in this case e.g. 2 markers). A simple click on that marker will auto-scale the map to show all makers hidden behind that collective marker.